BLOGMAS #7: Favourite Christmas Decorations

Welcome to Blogmas Day 7! Last year, I did a little post about all of my favourite Christmas decorations. In the last year, especially since visiting New York, I've accumulated a few more Christmas decorations that have become fast faves! Also, this is my first year in my own house so I get to do … Continue reading BLOGMAS #7: Favourite Christmas Decorations


Why I Love Autumn

Autumn is my favourite time of year. Throughout the whole season, I'm just filled with a bubbling excitement because I just love it so much! Not everyone loves autumn (as I found out in a heated debate yesterday) but I thought I'd write a little list of why it's my favourite. Cosy nights in There's … Continue reading Why I Love Autumn

Halloween 2016: Decorations

Halloween is a holiday I love despite hating dressing up….yeah I’m not sure how that works either! I think my love of Halloween instead comes from my love of pumpkin picking and carving and just autumn in general. This year, I’m celebrating Halloween over a few days but I’ll save my plans (and costume) for … Continue reading Halloween 2016: Decorations