2017 Goal Update

With 2017 turning into 2018 pretty soon, I've decided to go through my goals for this year and next year! My 2017 blog goals were to achieve: 3000 blog views 100 blog followers 500 Twitter followers This is how I did: I’ve already achieved 100 blog followers! Woo! This was the one goal I was … Continue reading 2017 Goal Update


The Witches of Burley

Burley is famous for its history of witches among other urban legends. The Burley history books tell that a white witch named Sybil Leek roamed the Burley village in the 1950s wearing a black cloak with her pet jackdaw riding atop her shoulder. Media attention surrounding Sybil reached breaking point, with some villagers rejoicing in … Continue reading The Witches of Burley