BLOGMAS #5: Christmas 2017

2017 is the first year that I won’t be waking up at my parents on Christmas Day. I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I’m so excited to wake up on Christmas Day with my boyfriend for the first time, ever! But on the other hand I’m a bit sad and I … Continue reading BLOGMAS #5: Christmas 2017


Birthday Week: Feeling 22!

If you know me well enough or read my blog posts last year, you’ll know that I don’t just celebrate my birthday on the actual day. I like to drag out my celebrations all week long. It also wouldn't be my birthday if I didn't wear a silly hat... Marwell Zoo The first part of … Continue reading Birthday Week: Feeling 22!

BLOGMAS: Day 20 – Christmas Traditions

Every family has a certain way of celebrating Christmas that is individual to them. My family is no different. I was going to list everything my family and I do on Christmas but I realised that would be very confusing as I have more than a few family members! Instead I’m going to just refer … Continue reading BLOGMAS: Day 20 – Christmas Traditions

BLOGMAS: Day 19 – The Worst Thing About Christmas

You might've seen my previous post about my best things about it's time for my worst things! For me there are three things about Christmas that I hate: The hype for Christmas means the day is a bit of a let down In my opinion, everyone – including me – goes Christmas mad in … Continue reading BLOGMAS: Day 19 – The Worst Thing About Christmas

BLOGMAS: Day 15 – Christmas Plans 2016

This year is going to be the quietest Christmas I’ve had in a really long time and to be honest I’m kind of dreading it. I feel horribly ungrateful for admitting that as I am still spending all of Christmas with people I love but I really don’t like change and it’s more that the … Continue reading BLOGMAS: Day 15 – Christmas Plans 2016

BLOGMAS: Day 7 – Christmas Day Essentials

Waking up in Christmassy pyjamas is the first essential for Christmas day. Eating biscuits, sweets and chocolates for breakfast was only ever allowed on Easter and Christmas Day when I was growing up and I definitely took full advantage of it! This rule still loosely applies now and I always look forward to it! Obviously, … Continue reading BLOGMAS: Day 7 – Christmas Day Essentials