Creepy Crawly Cupcakes!

It’s not a holiday if I don’t attempt to bake something! Before, I’ve relied on the premixed baking sachets but this time I decided to bake from scratch. Chocolate orange is my favourite cake flavour so I decided to give it a go and bake some chocolate orange cupcakes. The recipe I used is this … Continue reading Creepy Crawly Cupcakes!


The Witches of Burley

Burley is famous for its history of witches among other urban legends. The Burley history books tell that a white witch named Sybil Leek roamed the Burley village in the 1950s wearing a black cloak with her pet jackdaw riding atop her shoulder. Media attention surrounding Sybil reached breaking point, with some villagers rejoicing in … Continue reading The Witches of Burley

Boxcitement: September and October

It’s been a bit crazy in the blog world for me recently, I’ve had a lot going on so I haven’t had a chance to post about my Boxcitement boxes! I’d taken the photos but never gotten around to actually posting September September’s box was themed around the Wild West! I love this box, everything … Continue reading Boxcitement: September and October

Halloween 2016

Find out what I've been up to this Halloween! Pumpkin Picking Before last year, I’d always chosen my pumpkins from the supermarket. I tried actual pumpkin picking at Sopley Farm in Christchurch for the first time last year and loved it! It’s muddy but there’s something about being let loose in a field with a … Continue reading Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016: Decorations

Halloween is a holiday I love despite hating dressing up….yeah I’m not sure how that works either! I think my love of Halloween instead comes from my love of pumpkin picking and carving and just autumn in general. This year, I’m celebrating Halloween over a few days but I’ll save my plans (and costume) for … Continue reading Halloween 2016: Decorations

Lush: Christmas and Halloween Range!

On Sunday (2nd October) I was lucky enough to get to see Lush in Basingstoke after hours AND sample their new Christmas range! This was my first blogging event so I was a little nervous and almost chickened out but I'm so glad I went! Not only was seeing the products exciting but I got … Continue reading Lush: Christmas and Halloween Range!