BLOGMAS #7: Favourite Christmas Decorations

Welcome to Blogmas Day 7! Last year, I did a little post about all of my favourite Christmas decorations. In the last year, especially since visiting New York, I've accumulated a few more Christmas decorations that have become fast faves! Also, this is my first year in my own house so I get to do … Continue reading BLOGMAS #7: Favourite Christmas Decorations


BLOGMAS: Day 5 – The Lantern Parade

Last night my little home town did a Christmas light switch on and a parade. When my hometown does carnivals and parades and such, it never really goes well. It’s always a half-assed attempt that is slightly embarrassing. My hometown isn’t exactly a big town and it’s not a village either, it’s somewhere in between … Continue reading BLOGMAS: Day 5 – The Lantern Parade

Lush: Christmas and Halloween Range!

On Sunday (2nd October) I was lucky enough to get to see Lush in Basingstoke after hours AND sample their new Christmas range! This was my first blogging event so I was a little nervous and almost chickened out but I'm so glad I went! Not only was seeing the products exciting but I got … Continue reading Lush: Christmas and Halloween Range!