BLOGMAS #8: Christmas Traditions Around the World

I've always been interested in the Christmas Traditions from around the world so for Blogmas day 8, I've decided to compare the UK to a few countries across the world. Germany The Christmas Eve Box - that has become very popular in the UK of late - probably stems from here as they swap presents … Continue reading BLOGMAS #8: Christmas Traditions Around the World


5 Days in New York City

New York City, probably one of the most famous cities in the world with its streets and parks popping up in films and tv shows in almost every genre. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Princess Diaries, That Awkward Moment, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones…the list goes on and on. New York has consistently … Continue reading 5 Days in New York City

Donald Trump…Why?

The past few days I’ve been watching the news in horror. Watching as my fellow women from all over the world have their rights to make decisions about their own bodies taken away. Watching as women across the world have access to sexual health services diminished, aid that they desperately need just revoked with a … Continue reading Donald Trump…Why?