The Watermark Restaurant Challenge: Cosmo

I think I love the idea of all you can eat more than I love the reality. Upon arriving at Cosmo, we followed a stream of people into the restaurant. I figured this was good as so many people wouldn’t come to a bad restaurant, would they? There wasn’t a lot of order to what … Continue reading The Watermark Restaurant Challenge: Cosmo


Hanging Around Hampshire?

#1 – Marwell Zoo An array of animals spread out generously over 140 acres, Marwell Zoo is the perfect day for anyone of any age! A non-profit organisation, the profits go towards the care for the in-park animals and to endangered animals across the world. Marwell Zoo is also home to Ricky the Humboldt Penguin, … Continue reading Hanging Around Hampshire?

The Watermark Restaurant Challenge

2017 saw the opening of a multimillion-pound extension to WestQuay in Southampton (now known as simply Westquay). The extension features numerous new restaurants, another cinema, and a bowling alley! I invite you to join me on my mission to eat my way around the extension, virtually or in reality if you live in Southampton as … Continue reading The Watermark Restaurant Challenge